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The learning proсess at English Country is based on the communicative method.

Fill out an application and come for a free trial lesson!

You can study in our classrooms, online or at your home or office.

Studying at English Country means acheving your goals at school, business, eliminating the "language barrier" and making new friends. 

We teach without "cramming", our teachers will present interesting material to you in a fun manner. Our teachers are native speakers who are qualified and have a broad teaching experienсe. We have small groups!

English Country




We are pleased to welcome you to our website. We invite all of you to classes at English Country!

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, you can easily master the selected language and communication skills to quickly develop and overcome the "language barrier" by fully immersing into the language.

Our teachers will help you to discover a new world of knowledge in a fun and exciting way.

English Country Administration


In our teachers we appreciate responsibility, sincerity, honesty, intelligence, friendliness and sociability. We employ teachers who constantly improve their knowledge in the study of languages and are eager to pass them to their students!







Types of programs at English-Country:

  • Individual
  • Individual pairs
  • Classes with native speakers
  • Standard groups
  • Mini groups
  • Corporate training
  • Intensive training

Learning Conditions:

  • Accepted: Children who are 3 years or older and adults of any starting level 
  • The number of students per group is from 2 to 5 people
  • An effective program is developed for each learning level
  • Individual approach to every student
  • Our teachers are: native speakers with a higher education, as well as Russian teachers with extensive experience
  • We recommend to have lessons no less than 2 times per week for at least 2 academic hours.

Dear Students!

For a successful result you should:

  • Do not miss classes (if possible)
  • Do not be late for lessons
  • Do your homework regularly
  • Speak only the language you are studying during class

English-Country Language Center provides a full range of services for learning foreign languages.

Classes are taught mainly by native speakers, as well as Russian teaches, according to your wishes.

All teachers have a great experience and the necessary certificates. We teach adults using an individual program, and in groups. We use special techniques according to the age of your child or adolesent in our groups or individual classes.  We offer corporate training and preparation for exams of any complexity.

Fluency in English allows you to connect with the whole world. The best road to success is to study it with a native speaker. Now, you don't need to travel to the US, We are giving you the opportunity to study in Moscow.

Here, you will find out everything you want to know about studying English with a native. It doesn't matter what level you are! Maybe you are just making the first steps in learning a foreign language, maybe you want to maintain your advanced level. Possibly, you just love traveling and need English to interact with people in other countries. English is the international language and you will always have the skills to interact with the people surrounding you, wherever you go!

Our main goal is to teach you not only to speak, but to enjoy it as well! When our students succeed, we are truthfully happy, because their success is our success.

- International exams (EILTS, FCE, TOEFL)

- General English 

- Business English

- English for kids

- All levels (Starter to Advanced)

- Translations

Important Information

These are the general levels for students to consider: 

Beginner - at this level you don't know any English words, can't read, write or speak.

Elementary - at the elementary level you have the basics. You can read simple text, talk about easy everyday topics with difficulty and compose simple sentences.

Pre-Intermediate - next is the pre-intermediate level. Now you are capable of using English in general situations and understand the general idea (without detail) in English.

Intermediate - this is considered to be the middle level. You can understand a fluent English speaker and also communicate (with moderate difficulty) with native speakers in general situations.

Upper-Intermediate - you can consider yourself to be at the upper-intermediate level if you can easily use English in most situations without obvious difficultly in understanding and speaking.

Advanced - you can use English in everyday life, including formal and informal situations. You can react accordingly in stressful and delicate situations.