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Halloween party October 27th!

 I would like to invite all of our students for a small Holloween party on the 27th of Octover 2013. We will have some tricks and treats for you. Costumes are welcomed. We will meet in class at 5:30pm, and have some fun doing some traditional American Holloween activities!
Hey there ladies and gents, boys and girls, Holloween is almost here! It's time to put on some fun or scary costumes and have a scary ol'time! Fun activities like carving pumpkins and making one, or several, Jack-o'-lanterns for your windows or doorsteps, telling your kids interesting facts about Holloween and watching scary movies. This is all part of the holiday that many of us enjoy so much. Even if your family doesnt do some of the traditional things like trick-or-treating, try to enjoy Holloween at home with a costume party or just a fun night at the movies.
Dont forget, Holloween is on Octover 31st!!!


Pascha is around the corner!

First of all, Eastern Orthodoxy is the dominating religion in countries like Greece, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Cyprus, Moldova, Montenegro and Georgia. There are also Orthodox communities in Western Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, North and South America. Pascha (Easter) starts on Clean Monday with the beginning of Great Lent, which lasts for forty continuous days. The Orthodox church bases its calculations on the Julian Calender, whereas the Catholic church calculates according to the Gregorian Calender, thus resulting in different celebration dates.

In Russia, to celebrate Pascha, people paint eggs and go to mass. Many Russians bring their painted eggs and baked goods to the church in order to spray them with holy water. On the morning of Pascha, people usually greet each other with a special saying, "Christ has risen!" The correct response is "Truly, he has Risen!" which refers to Christs Resurrection.

During the day Russians eat a traditional meal that includes the dyed eggs and also special baked goods, called "Kulich" or "Pascha".

Hope this information has been helpful! Happy Pascha to all!



Maslenitsa, translated as “Butterweek” from the word "maslo" which means butter in Russian. This is the week when Russians enjoy blini and butter. During this time, Russians enjoy fun, outdoor outings with lots of food. Blini are often served with sourcream, caviar or jam. Maslenitsa or Cheesefare week follows Meatfare week, when meat is eaten for the last time, and it is the week that precedes the beginning of Great Lent. 

Great Lent is the fast that lasts for at least forty days (and sometimes longer) prior to Easter, the principal feast day of the Russian Orthodox Church. The fast should be strict, which means no meat, dairy, fish or eggs: certainly trying to the soul but eagerly embraced by those who want to gain control of their appetites and take a rest from gluttony to focus on the spiritual. If compared to the Catholic Church’s position on not eating meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays and giving something up is a bit easier.



March the 8th is an official public Russian holiday, also known as the International Women’s Day. The 8th of March celebrates all women, including mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and girlfriends. 

This beautiful spring holiday is a wonderful chance to tell the women in your life how important they are, to congratulate all women around you and put a smile on their face. It is common to give flowers, candy and other presents on this day.
We would like to congratulate all women and wish you all a wonderful holiday! Happy 8th of March and Поздравляем с 8 Марта!


Happy New Year 2013!


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